New on this site:

Site reactivated on November 27, 2011 by the newly elected board leaded by Mr. Andrew Karwafodi.




Dear friends,

It is our pleasure to inform you all, that the website of the Organization of Indigenous People in Suriname (O.I.S.) is reactivated by the legally elected board, leaded by Mr. Andrew Karwafodi.

Through reactivating the website we intend to improve on the following:

  1. Maintain contact with the Indigenous People, especially in the communities.

  2. Have a faster and broader way to provide the Indigenous People with information.

  3. Maintain contact with organizations we cooperate with, like NGO’s, Benefactors and other international organizations, like the UN, UNDP, FPII, COICA and others.

Friends, there is no need to argue about the fact that the development of us, the Indigenous People, is proceding with many difficulties due to certain factors. The O.I.S. is making out to deliver a mayor contribution to promote the much desired development in all Indigenous communities.

By providing you the tools, the O.I.S. will give you the opportunity to start this development yourself.

Another important issue that has our attention, is the one on the communal rights of the Indigenous People, the way they are anchored in international treaties, but which are not yet acknowledged by our local government. Also concerning this point the O.I.S. wants to devote itself to get these rights acknowledged by the Suriname government.

Friends, the struggle of the Indigenous People is not an easy one, but together we will look for solutions to improve our situation.